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East Africa Youth Consultation Forum on Covid19 Mitigation and Economy Recovery

East Africa Youth Consultation Forum on Covid19 Mitigation and Economy Recovery

Deadline 10 July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the most severe recession in nearly a century and is causing enormous damage to young people’s health, jobs and well being. As restrictions begin to be eased, the path to economic recovery remains highly uncertain and vulnerable to a second wave of infections. Strengthening healthcare systems and supporting young people and businesses to help adapt to a post-Covid19 is very crucial.

Moreover, as the number of Covid-19 infections continue to raise, experts predicted that Sub-Saharan Africa could be hardest hit in terms of health, as well as socioeconomically. Already, the global COVID-19 pandemic has led to severe economic and labor market shocks. With an estimated rise between 5.3 and 24.7 million in the number of those unemployed, the impact on youth employment is likely to be severe given that youth (15-24) are top already 3 times more likely to be unemployed than adults.

It’s due to this, Lamukani Youth Forum in Collaboration with Bosch Alumni Network (BAN) are collaboratively organizing  virtually series for regional youth consultation on covid-19 mitigation and economy recovery with key focus to the sustainably development goals.

The main theme is leveraging innovative and creativity potential of sub Saharan youth within BAN in covid-19 mitigation and economy recovery. The Forum aims to allow dialogue among Africa’s youth, and prepare some youth-grown solutions and recommendation to influence policymakers, private sectors and donors in Africa.


The first East Africa Youth Consultation Forum on Covid19 Mitigation and Economy Recovery, is targeting to work with young changemakers who are working on tackling the vast spectrum of issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis, e.g:

  • Front-line health responses, medical supplies, and support to health workers
  • Support for children, girls and youths affected by the crisis, with educational tools, essential materials and learning resources;
  • Support for the elderly and inter-generational initiatives;
  • Initiatives that re-imagine a post-COVID-19 society;
  • Psychological and emotional well-being support for those in need;
  • Initiatives tackling the spread of fake news, increasing digital literacy, or promoting solution-focused journalism; and
  • Initiatives looking at lobbying for effective social policies during the crisis.


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