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CCARDESA Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Media Engagement initiative in the SADC region

CCARDESA Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Media Engagement initiative in the SADC region

Deadline 3 July 2020

Are you a journalist who writes for a newspaper, online blogger or national broadcasting station? Are you a university student studying journalism or media studies and have a passion for agricultural research, technology and climate change? If your answer is yes? Then this great initiative is for you.

The Centre for coordination of agricultural research and development in Southern Africa (CCARDESA) is pleased to announce its first-ever Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) media engagement and award initiative.

The main aim of the initiative is to engage the media in the SADC region and familiarise them to CCARDESA -CSA programmes and better equip them to share the stories in the form of articles in their respective countries and the region at large.

I. Purpose of the assignment

CCARDESA has been mandated by the SADC Member States with building and operating a regional ICKM system which strengthens its capacity to manage and facilitate access to and the brokerage of agricultural information. This also forms part of CCARDESA’s 5th thematic area. This thematic area is the basis for this concept note which aims at working closely with media so that they are brought to speed about the Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) Initiatives, programs and practices that CCARDESA and its programmes implements. 

II. Specific objectives of the assignment

The objectives of the CSA media engagement and call are to;

-To build the capacity of the media fraternity about the CSA practices, initiatives and programmes in the region

-To get the media to disseminate the CSA practices and initiatives in the member states so that people are aware of them

-To set the media as a link between the knowledge products on the CCARDESA website/Mobile Application and the farmers in the member states.

-To award the media personnel who will implement their new attained knowledge

III. Scope of work

The applicants will attend a virtual training on CSA which will expose them to the intricacies of Climate-Smart Agriculture. In addition to the training, applicants will also watch a 6 minutes video on” what does CSA means to you” on the CCARDESA website following this link here.

Thereafter they will also watch a detailed CSA practical video of a CCARDESA implementing project on the CCARDESA Youtube page on this link. The contestants will download CCARDESA mobile App on their ordinary phones here and for Apple phones here  which they will explore and see how they can use the knowledge there to inform farming communities.

They will also navigate the quizzes on the Mobile App and develop five questions on CSA. The CCARDESA website at ccardesa.org will have more information about the organization.

IV. Criteria of selecting awardee

  1. The applicant should have written one article about CCARDESA and its programmes and how they have contributed to CSA in the SADC region
  2. The applicant should also write an article or story that highlights either an individual farmers’ or a cooperative, youth group, women’s group etc. ‘s struggles and eventual success with climate change in their country. The article should show how the person or group contributed to the national aspect of adapting to climate change. This could be about a successful CSA practice that worked well such as mulching, fish farming, irrigation, low tillage etc. A story that brings out the solutions for men, women and mixed groups will stand a good chance of being selected.
  3. The applicants should also develop five quiz questions and answers on CSA for the CCARDESA mobile App
  4. The articles that will generate more likes and comments will also be selected but should first and foremost meet the above criteria to be selected.

V. Deliverables

The applicants are expected to develop the following;

1. One article on CCARDESA and its programmes in the region,

2. One story about a farmer/community group/ cooperative, women group/ youth group/ etc. practising CSA in their country and how that affects or improves their yields.

3. Five quiz questions and answers on any CSA topic for the CCARDESA Mobile App

4. The applicants will disseminate the two news articles in the print and online platforms. They will also submit the two articles to CCARDESA for sharing on the CCARDESA website and Facebook page.

VI. Qualifications

It would be best if you met either of the following;

  1. Diploma in Journalism or BA Degree in media studies/ Journalism or Social sciences or
  2. Managing an online platform in the region or working for a local print or electronic or television or radio agency for one or more years or
  3. Blogger working with farmers and extension or Communications specialist in the Ministry of Agriculture in a SADC country, or across the region.

VII. Evaluation team

The evaluation team will comprise of experts in CSA, including staff from CCARDESA and  GIZ, as well as one ICKM Focal point person.

VIII. Remuneration

    1. 1st best article US800
    2. 2nd best article US500
    3. 3rd best article US300

IX. Expected results

  •  A team of media practitioners well versed in reporting CSA initiatives and programme
  • Strengthened linkages between farmers and the media for easy access to news and agricultural information
  • CSA information through news articles disseminated throughout the region leading to an informed populace.

X. How to apply

To express interest to participate, and to get more details, send an email to [email protected] . 


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