Earn your master degree online| Food and Agribusiness| Master of Science| The State University of New York , Morrisville

Useful Programs Earn your master degree online| Food and Agribusiness| Master of Science| The State University of New York , Morrisville

The Food and Agribusiness MS (FAB) is a fully online 2-year, part-time program that prepares professionals for careers throughout the food system. Drawing from agricultural economics, food marketing, supply chain management, organizational management, econometrics, agriculture and food regulation, and more—the program is tailored to the special problems that food businesses face. Students acquire managerial and analytical skills through highly involved group projects, computational analysis, microeconomic theory, case studies of food producers’ and marketers’ managerial decisions, hot-topic policy debates, and business and marketing planning—culminating in a real-world Master’s project or consulting experience. This program is ideal for students seeking to advance into middle- and upper-level positions in management, marketing, and policymaking, and related careers. Graduates are equipped with the tools to solve the tremendous challenges facing the food system and society as a whole.

I. What's a master's degree?


A master's degree is an advanced degree that usually takes two years to complete and typically requires students to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.

II. What's it like to earn this degree online?

Let's put your mind at ease about online learning

  • 100% Online:  This program is presented 100% online. You will not be expected to attend any classes on campus.
  • Live classes: You will learn in real-time while the instructor leads the class. Courses are similar to in-person classes, but you participate online.
  • Classes on your schedule:  Courses are semester based and classwork can be completed around your work and family commitments. There is no set time where you are required to log in to attend class.
  • Same faculty as on-campus: The faculty that teach online classes are the same faculty that students learn from on-campus.
  • Personal concierge: You will have one person who acts as a single point of contact for any and all questions you may have.
  • Learn by doing: Participate in field experiences such as internships, clinical placements, and service learning to apply your academic knowledge in the world.
  • Access to a personal tutor:  You will have access to a tutor when you need assistance with any of your classes.
  • SUNY Online Plus Program: In addition to the features listed above, this SUNY Online Plus Program includes 24/7 support, incorporates industry-leading teaching practices, and targets an area of high employer demand in New York State and beyond.

III. How To Apply?

Follow these steps to start your application

  • Go to the online application HERE
  • Create an account
  • Complete the forms or save for later
  • Pay the application fee (if applicable)
  • Submit any supplemental materials, if required
  • Send in your academic records

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