PhD Scholarship Opportunity on: “Assessing the impact of climate action mitigation strategies on key zoonotic Pathogens in bovine production systems”

Deadline: 31 January 2024 I. Background:  In line with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, Ireland is aiming for a 51% reduction in overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, with the agri-sector tasked with reducing emissions by 25%. Methane accounts for approximately 65% of GHG emissions from agriculture in Ireland and approximately 90% of the methane is derived from the fermentation of feed in the rumen with 10% emitted from manures/ slurries during storage. Reducing

PhD student Positions in Environmental Chemistry| University of Zurich| Eawag

Deadline: 31 January 2024 The Fenner Group at the University of Zurich and Eawag is inviting applications for two open PhD positions in Environmental Chemistry. Project context The recently communicated Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) framework of the European Union aims to develop new chemicals in a way that they are inherently environmentally safe. Implementation of this goal requires appropriate methods for high-throughput assessment of key environmental hazards, includi

PhD Scholarship: “Investigating the effect of genetic merit and other animal traits on methane emissions from dairy cattle and sheep”| Teagasc| Munster Technological University (MTU)

Deadline: 18 December 2023 Background As well as contributing to cumulative gains, breeding programs also boast the advantage of having high adoption requiring no change to farming practices. At this moment in time there are preliminary estimates of genetic variation in enteric methane emissions from sheep, beef, and to a limited degree dairy. Furthermore there has been standard operating procedures developed to quantify enteric methane emissions, which could include predictor traits

Fully Funded PhD position in environmental microbiology: “Tracking antimicrobial resistance contamination in the lake environment”| Eawag

Deadline: 31 December 2023 Would you like to work on the development of new tools and approaches to monitor environmental antimicrobial resistance and assess its fate in the 3D lake environment? The Microbial Ecology group of the department “Surface Waters - Research and Management”, Eawag, located in Kastanienbaum (Lucerne), is seeking candidates for a PhD position in environmental microbiology: “Tracking antimicrobial resistance contamination in the lake environment.

PHD Scholarship: Assessment and Mitigation of Microplastics (MPs) In the Dairy Foods| Teagasc

Deadline:  01 December 2023 I. Background Plastic is the most widely used synthetic material and plays an important role in the agriculture and food sectors. However, plastic products and plastic waste can release microplastics (MPs). MPs are non biodegradable. They are accumulating in the aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric environment and can get into the food chains. Microplastic contamination of the environment and our food chains is one of the biggest challenges facing society t

Enhancing Sustainability of the Irish Agri-Food Sector|Teagasc PhD Walsh Scholarship Opportunity| Fully Funded

Deadline: 23 September 2023 I. Full title: “Entrepreneurial Value Streams: Strengthening producer capacity for short food supply chains (SFSC’s) to enhance sustainability and scaling of the Irish agri-food sector” II. Project Outline This PhD offers a very exciting opportunity to carry out innovative research to support the sustainability of the Irish agri-food sector. The candidate will carry out research and work as part of a team within an applied setting in the Iri

PhD Scholarship Opportunity On “Predicting the Impact of Climate Change on Irish Tillage Farms and Developing Adaptation Strategies”

Deadline: 14 July 2023 I. Background To ascertain the potential contribution tillage farming can make to the Irish agricultural industry of the future, accurate predictions of the impact climate change will have on the growth and development of major Irish crops will be of key importance. A collaborative project, funded by the Teagasc Walsh Scholarship programme, aims to evaluate currently available crop growth simulation models for cereals using existing agronomic data from contrasting Iris

NRF-MINDS Doctoral Scholarships| The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS)| National Research Foundation (NRF)

Deadline: 11 July 2023 The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) has partnered with the National Research Foundation (NRF) to support doctoral application from African countries other than South Africa that are intending to study full time at a South African public university in the 2024 academic year. I. Eligibility Criteria Be a citizen of an African Country other than SA, residing in any African country: Be thirty two (32) years of age or younger 31 December in the y

PhD Scholarship: “Development of feed additives to reduce enteric methane emissions in grazing systems”

Deadline: 02 June 2023 Background Agriculture is the single largest contributor (~30%) to overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Ireland accounting for the majority of methane emissions produced primarily due to ruminant livestock production. Methane, a GHG 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is released as a by-product of rumen microbial fermentation and from stored manure and slurry on farm. Under recent national legislation, Ireland has committed to reduce GHG emissions fr

Fully Funded PhD Scholarship On “Bovine-adapted Staphylococcus Aureus Virulence Traits And Impact On Mastitis”

Deadline: open until filled I. Background Staphylococcus aureus is a major mastitis pathogen with significant economic impact on the dairy industry. Intra mammary infection is associated with a number of bovine-adapted clonal lineages of this bacterium and significant differences between these lineages have been identified in both in vitro and in vivo virulence traits. This project will test the hypothesis that strain genotype influences mastitis epidemiology and that strains from the global

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