PhD opportunity in practical animal genomics

PhD PhD opportunity in practical animal genomics

Deadline: Open

Do you want to be part of a dynamic, young, world-class animal genetics, genomics and analytics group at Teagasc, the Irish cattle Breeding Federation and Cork Institute of Technology?

Teagasc and Cork Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Irish Cattle BreedingFederation (ICBF) are seeking an enthusiastic and ambitious student in the area of animal genomics in cattle. Research developed will be immediately implemented by the ICBF.

 Previous PhDs from this collaboration have all developed novel technologies, now readily used by industry:

  • Development and deployment of the EBI, beef indexes and sheep indexes
  • Development of the COW index and sire advice system run by the ICBF
  • Development of the national dairy, beef and sheep genetic evaluations run by the ICBF on the trait suites:
  1. Fertility
  2. Health
  3. Milk production
  4. Feed intake
  5. Carcass traits
  6. Management traits
  7. Calving performance
  • Development of the national DNA-based evaluations in dairy and beef cattle
  • Generation of low cost DNA technology solutions now used globally in cattle and sheep
  • The algorithms underpinning the national dairy breeding program operated by the Irish AI stations to identify genetically elite young bulls
  • Cutting edge novel strategies for measuring performance traits at low cost in cattle and sheep
  • ... and more.....Several of the PhD graduates now work for industry implementing their PhD research

Current employment status of recent graduates include Teagasc research geneticists, ICBF, Kerry Group, AbacusBio Consultancy Ltd., Wellcome Trust, Italian Holstein-Friesian breed society, Munster AI, Department of Agriculture, Identigen Ltd., and ABP

I. Research questions

  • Genomic prediction of calving difficulty based on the parents and not the offspring
  • Genomic imprinting
  • Breed predictions using genomics
  • Exploitation of non-additive genomic effects

II. How to apply?

For more information on either of the PhDs above or for expression of interest please contact:

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