Short Course: Essential Leader| Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Conservation

Trainings Short Course: Essential Leader| Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Conservation

Start of course: 15 February 2021

The Essential LEADER is a short course for actors who are influencing the protected area context at a larger scale, without necessarily working directly inside a protected area: senior staff in a government agency, legislator, national environmental manager etc. This person needs an overall understanding of how protected areas work, what their characteristics are and what they need, as well as knowing the stakes protected areas are facing. He does not require specific technical skills.

The Essential is made up of a series of 50 videos from the different mooc-conservation MOOCs. Between each video, a test (2 questions per video) will make sure the learner understood the topic. If you answer correctly to 75 questions out of a 100, an attestation of participation will be generated automatically for you.

The course is free of charge and open to all.

  1. About the Essentials

The Global Register of competences for protected area practitioners defines four levels of profiles/skills among staff involved in the management of these territories:

- N4 : managers working in central management of large organisations, in national and regional policy development, spatial and strategic planning, in cross-sectoral coordination and the direction of complex programmes and plans.

- N3 : “senior” managers working in the direction and management of medium-sized organisations, in planning and management of projects and programmes within strategic frameworks, in conducting and leading complex and technical programmes (according to specialty).

- N2 : “middle managers” involved in management, organisation and leadership of technical sections and teams implementing plans and projects, completing specific and complex technical assignments (according to technical specialty).

- N1 : “unskilled labourers” completing practical tasks under continuous supervision.

To simplify this and considering many skills of N2 and N3 overlap, we chose to merge these two levels. Thus, the Essentials answer the needs of three profiles of actors:

- Executing agents (Ranger = N1) who enforce decisions and ensure the implementation of practical activities inside the PA.

- Managing agents (Manager = N2 and N3) who define actions to conduct inside the PA, who share this amongst themselves and then transmit it to executing agents. They then supervise and assess executing agents.

- Senior managers (Leader = N4) who identify strategies to conduct, define priorities and have an active impact on the evolution of the conservation context as they provide guidance to managing agents.

Mastering the definition, diversity and history or function and roles of a Protected Area is a prerequisite for all these levels. Basic notions on governance and the Red List of endangered species is also important to all levels.

III. About MOOC Conservation

MOOC Conservation is a platform that is dedicated to online courses on nature conservation. The training materials are developed by IUCN-PAPACO (the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Programme on African Protected Areas and Conservation) and its partners. 


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