Webinar| Agroforestry systems in the world: differences and similarities

Conferences Webinar| Agroforestry systems in the world: differences and similarities

Date: 26-27 July 2023

Deadline for registration: 10  July 2023

Agroforestry systems are worldwide distributed, characterised by the multiple productions and benefits, and have a wide variability in the world.

The goals of this conference are to analyse and discuss the concepts, productions and their ranking, the species and the strand structure, the management options, the modelling and the practice of agroforestry systems:

  • Are agroforestry systems adapted to climate variability (and/or climate change)?
  • How can integration and ranking of the multiple productions in agroforestry systems can be achieved and maintained?
  • Do species and site contribute to the diversity of agroforestry systems?
  • Are management options and practice similar or different from the timber oriented forest systems?

This conference online (via Zoom) is intended to include research on agroforestry systems, namely silviculture, modelling and management. Presentations can be based on research results or projects, and discussion amongst colleagues of all the world will be promoted. This conference will be held in two days with two themes each day. Presenters will have 10-minute presentation and 5-minute discussion.

I. Registration for the conference (free of charge)

  • Participants/Presenters: Please register HERE  until 10 of July 2023
  • Presenters: Please use the template (presentation.docx) and e-mail it to [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Notifications of acceptance and presentation schedule will be sent by 20 of July 2023.


II. Organisers and sponsors

Ana Cristina Gonçalves, MED, University of Évora, Portugal; Swoyambhu Man Amatya, Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal; Sanjeev Chauhan, Department of Forestry & Natural Resources, Punjab Agricultural University, India; John Parrota, United States Forest Service Research & Development, United States of America

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